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To contact the author, e-mail me at: b_durham at rogers dot com
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Bruce Durham
Howard Days photos courtesy of Pete Roncoli



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Dalacroy artwork by Mike Mikolajczyk and M. D. Jackson

Bruce Durham is a mighty voice for sword-and-sorcery, and some day soon the wider publishing world is going to realize what they've been missing. Few writers draft action scenes with the same cracking verve; few of them can. -  Howard Andrew Jones - Managing Editor, Black Gate Magazine


Everything about Bruce, from his love of (Robert E.) Howard to his masterful and direct story-telling, made him a natural fit for me. I so like his work... He's the real deal. - Janet Morris - author of The Sacred Band and High Couch of Silistra.


Read my interview with author Janet Morris

Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse is available from Amazon.com in Trade Paperback and Kindle .

What’s New -  March 2015


It’s been a quiet few months, but I’m happy to say I have a story appearing in an upcoming anthology due later this year. Unfortunately I can’t give out any details yet, suffice to say I’m sharing a Table of Contents with some pretty fine authors. More later. On the down side, I couldn’t deliver a story in time for Doctors in Hell, but I’ll definitely be contributing a tale for Pirates in Hell, the next volume in the award winning series.


What’s New -  April 2015


The dragon’s out of the bag, so to speak. I’m pleased to announce I have a story in a soon-to-be-released anthology:


Heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe.


Heroika - Dragon Eaters is an anthology of heroic fiction edited by Janet Morris and featuring original stories by Chris Morris,     S. E. Lindberg, Jack William Finley, Travis Ludvigson, Tom Barczak, J. P. Wilder, Joe Bonadonna, Milton Davis, Alexandra Butcher, William Hiles, M Harold Page, Walter Rhein, Cas Peace, Beth Waggoner Patterson, Bruce Durham and Mark Finn.


My story is titled Arctic Rage. The ebook version will be released May 25, with print copies coming later. Click the cover to the left to order yours today.

What’s New - June 2015 lawyer referral in Toronto Ideal Warehouse Industrial Air Purifier


‘Heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe. Learn how to hunt, kill, and eat the wild dragon. Never before has revenge tasted so good. A literary feast for the bloody-minded.’


Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters is now available at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, and other Amazon sites around the globe. The response to this collection has been overwhelmingly positive. The anthology puts a new, unique spin on those nasty dragons of yore. Instead of the hunters, they are the hunted, with 17 stories ranging from the distant past to the near future.

Features my story Arctic Rage.


I have a new story appearing in a yet-to-be-announced anthology due next year. This one has me real exited, as it mixes the near-apocalyptic with myth and legend. Stay tuned for more information when it becomes available--in other words, when I’m allowed to say something.

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